Oak and Steel Dining Table

Oak and Steel Dining Table


Beautiful, solid English oak was used for the top of this dining table. The client wanted the longest edges to retain the natural shape of the tree so four lengths of oak were joined together and finished perfectly smooth. They had just remodelled their beautiful home in Wimbledon village and wanted a statement piece table to provide a focal point for the dining room.

They also wanted the table frame to match the stunning Secco windows. Jet Black was the chosen colour for the powder coat applied to a 6cm box section frame.

The oak top was finished with Osmo polyx light grey hard wax oil was used to create a perfect match to the flooring. For reference, dimensions of the table are 190cm x 100cm.

This design can be made to many other sizes with the oak treated to compliment the scheme of your property.

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Handmade in England.