Bespoke Kitchen Storage Units

Bespoke Kitchen Storage units

Project Details:

A series of seven bespoke kitchen storage units

For a while now I’ve wanted to make some ‘floating’ dovetailed boxes which I envisaged mourning on a wall for storage. When a repeat client came along with the request for a series of bespoke cabinets for their North London apartment, it was time to put forward my ideas.

The couple wanted the units to be highly individual so I suggested randomly staggering several units of varying size and depth.

The couple didn’t want doors on the units so all the items would be visible at all times. I felt it important to spend adequate time measuring all the items of crockery, glasses and mugs to ensure they all fitted absolutely perfectly.

Each unit is attached to the wall via 20cm long studs resined into the wall as we didn’t want unsightly brackets to ruin the clean lines.

Thought was given as to the location of each unit for practical purposes. The breakfast items were placed near to the sink. The working with lesser used items such as wine glasses, further away next to the wine rack.

A small shelf was included with the intention for a small plant to add some greenery into the mix.

To break up the expanse of wood, I suggested a small element of steel to add an additional texture. We decided upon a small cabinet with a top hinged door. I thought it would add to the visual interest to make the front of the unit from varying lengths of oak end grain. This has an intriguing appearance, especially when walking round the unit as  open ing cabinet with a steel door and a feature.

If you are interested in similar units for your home, whether it’s kitchen/living space/office, please get in touch via the ‘commissions‘ page for more information.

Handmade in England.