I-Beam Coffee Table 1

I-Beam Coffee Table 1


The first comments usually made when people see this piece of furniture are either ‘oh, is that an RSJ? closely followed by ‘how did you manage to get that all the way through the wood?’

The answers are ‘yes, it is an RSJ’ and ‘with my hands, a router, a chisel and lots of patience!’

I have wanted to combine oak and steel for a long time and understand the importance of creating a good balance between the two materials. Too much wood and the piece looks ‘rustic’ too much metal and it looks industrial.

Client feedback suggests the two polished i-beams acting as the legs, sitting flush with the wood has created a unique, timeless design. The oak top is secured with stainless steel screws onto a steel plate.

The one illustrated here stands 38cm high and approximately 90cm long. The sapwood has been retained on either edge retaining the natural shape of the wood. Width of each piece will vary depending on the piece of wood chosen. Wide steel beams create an incredibly stable coffee table.

Made to your exact requirements, please get in touch via the ‘commissions‘ page for more information.

This is a protected design (number 4030626)

Handmade in England.